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Hope you had an amazingly AWESOME weekend.
I wanted to share with you today the 5 things you absolutely must do nutritionally in order to lose weight.
1) Have a Plan
Ever heard the old adage “Fail to plan, plan to fail?”
I’m sure you have, and guess what… it’s true, especially when it comes to nutrition..
Now, if you’re somebody who’s been eating clean for years, and has complete control and self-discipline you might be able to pull it off, but for everyone else it’s pretty much impossible to wing it and be successful at reaching your goals.
A sound plan should include exactly what, when, and how much you should be eating.
2) Track Everything
Weight loss is a war, and every day is a battle.
The only way to win this war, is to win the majority of your battles.
The only way to win the the battle, is to eat less calories per day than your body burns.
The only way to know whether or not you’re doing that is to track what you are eating.
There is no better accountability partner (other than me) than your food journal.
If you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing nutritionally, your journal will let you know right away.
Btw, at Lake County Boot Camps we use
It’s simple to use, and tracks everything.
3) Weigh-in Daily
I don’t subscribe to the whole “you should only weigh yourself once a month” crap.
I think it’s B.S.
If you are serious about losing weight you should weigh yourself everyday or every other day, and here’s why.
The average human can lose 1-4 lbs per week.
If you weigh yourself for 2-3 days straight and the scale doesn’t move, then you are doing something wrong.  Period.
In most cases you are either you are eating incorrectly, not working out hard enough, or often enough, and in some cases not working out at all.
So I say weigh yourself daily, and if the scale doesn’t move after a few days then you need to analyse what it is you’re doing and make any necessary changes.
Make sense?
4) Don’t Be a Vegetarian
I know this is going to piss off a few of you, but I don’t care.
I’m here to deliver results, not be your best friend.
Vegetarian/Vegan diets are HORRIBLE for fat and weight loss.
They simply do not work.
Vegetarian diets also tend to make people look scrawny and sick.  Now listen, I know there are some “genetic freaks” out there who are insanely ripped as vegetarians but BELIEVE ME, this is NOT the norm.
The problem with a vegetarian diet is:
1 – Too Many Carbs- Roughly 75-90% of the typical vegetarian diet is carbohydrates.
2 – Not enough protein- I don’t care how much Tempeh, Tofu, or any of that other crap you eat.  You simply cannot get enough protein without eating meat, eggs, dairy, protein shakes, etc.
5) Surround Yourself With Like Minded Individuals
It is easier to eat healthy if those closest to you are eating healthy as well.
You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had people come into one of my gyms and tell me “Dustin I would have eaten healthy this weekend, but I went over to my friend’s house this weekend, and blah, blah, blah, excuse, excuse, excuse.”
Sometimes the ones closest to you can be your worst enemies, especially if they are family.
Can’t get rid of your family… Or can you?  J/K Lol.
Listen, you can’t get rid of family, but you CAN make new friends.  And should, If you want to be successful at losing weight.
When you surround yourself with others who are eating healthy you reduce your risk of cheating and add new accountability partners into your life.
One of the main reasons our boot camp members are so successful is because they are constantly surrounded by others whose goals are similar, whether it be in boot camp or in our private members only facebook group “The LCBC Fam Forum.”
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you to trade in your old friends for new ones.  I’m simply saying you need to be open to adding like minded, positive individuals into your life as well so that your overall chances of reaching your goals improve.
Interested in learning more?
Are you ready to start making the right nutritional choices for yourself and for your family?
Would you like to learn the same cutting edge nutrition secrets I teach our very own boot camp members on a daily basis to help get insane fat and weight loss results?
Are you FINALLY ready to get the body you’ve always dreamed about?
If this sounds like you, then TODAY is your lucky day.
This Saturday, March 2nd at 12pm at Jewel-Osco in Grayslake, I will be hosting our first “Keeping It Simple” Supermarket Tourof 2013.
During this epic 90 minute event,I will take you aisle-to-aisle, teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to begin making permanent, healthy food choices for yourself and for your family.
Q: What will I learn?
A: I will personally teach you…
* What aisles to avoid altogether
* My most effective fat loss tips
* Which snacks make you fat (you’ll be surprised)
* Ninja tips for avoiding candy, chips, and soft drinks in the checkout line
* And much, much more..
The cost of this life changing experience is FREE for Lake County Boot Camps Membersand only $25 for non-members.
As an added bonus participants will receive…
* A copy of our Ultimate Nutrition Guide- This is the EXACT step-by-step guide Lake County Boot Camp Members use to get a lean, toned, sexy body.
* A coaching call with “your’s truly” to discuss your current nutrition situation and to help get you on the right track ASAP.
* A week of rapid fat loss, muscle toning, fun, and excitement at Lake County Boot Camps where we will help you get a 3-5lb head start towards your vernon hills health club goals for ONLY $1. (non-members ONLY)
For answers to questions or to register for this game-changing event, simply reply to this email “I’m in”and our lovely Office Manager Rebecca will get you all taken care of.
Registration ends Friday at 2pm.
Dedicated to your Results,
PS – This could be EXACTLY what you need to get your life and health back on track.  Don’t miss out on this fun, life-altering experience.  Register NOW by replying to this email “I’m in” and we’ll get you registered ASAP!!

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