Testimonials I’ve needed to lose weight and get in shape for a long time now, but for some reason I’ve had trouble finding a program that works for me. I’ve done every diet and exercise program imaginable, but every time I tried something new the same thing kept happening. I would get frustrated at the lack of results, eventually quit and gain the weight I lost back plus some.

I was getting tired of the yo-yo effect. Then one day my Mom gave me a Groupon voucher for a month of boot camp at Lake County Boot Camps and I thought, “Oh great, another fitness program that won’t work for me.” Boy was I wrong. Working out at Lake County Boot Camps has been the best possible experience. First of all the workouts are always fun, fresh and interesting. The trainer there (Dustin) are personable, helpful and always push you to do your best. It’s easy to see that they truly care about you and your fitness goals. One of my favorite things about boot camp are that If you are physically unable to do a particular exercise they will modify it for you to make sure you still get a great workout.

At Lake County Boot Camps you’re not just a “number” or profit to them and they get results. Since becoming a member I have lost 10 pounds, inches off of my waist, chest and stomach, and I am stronger then I have been in a very long time. I’m constantly referring people to Lake County Boot Camps so they too can see the same great results. Take my word for it and try it… you won’t regret it. – Doug Shimizu

Before i started Lake County Boot Camps in Mundelein, I found it really hard to keep myself motivated. I’d go to the gym for two straight weeks, hard core, but then I wouldn’t go for a day and then two and then I’d stop all together. There was nobody to push me and nobody to answer to, but myself. My experience at Lake County Boot Camps so far has been really great. I really love the trainers there, and if I don’t go to class I feel like I am disappointing them. This is a great motivator to keep going, no matter how tired or sore i am. So far I have lost about 15 pounds since I started. I feel healthy and strong, and most importantly committed to living my life in a healthy and active way. I would definitely recommend Lake County Boot Camps to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives. – Jenny Dabrowski

With Dustin’s help I lost 13 lbs in my very first month of training. I can honestly say that I never expected that to happen. Dustin is extremely knowledgeable and keeps things fun and exciting and always makes sure we are using proper form on every exercise we do. He also changes the workout routine so you never get bored. He pushes you just enough so you can do things you thought you never could.
Thanks Dustin and Lake County Boot Camps!!! – Tatiana Miramon

Dustin truly loves what he does and it shows in his dedication in helping me attain my fitness goals. He is very knowledgeable about exercise and fitness and makes sure that I’m always doing things correctly so that I don’t get hurt. At first I wasn’t sure if I could reach my goals but Dustin always believed in me. By following his advice and making changes to my diet, I saw the results faster than I thought I would. My body fat went down 12%, I lost 30.4 pounds of fat, my clothes fit way better, and I felt more energized after only 12 weeks. I have lost body fat and reshaped my body and received many compliments from my peers about my results with Dustin and his staff at Lake County Boot Camps. – Teresa Nelson

Training with Lake County Boot Camps has been very positive and motivating experience for me. Dustin and his trainers there are extremely knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate. I can tell they really love what they do. So far I have lost 7.2 inches on my thighs and 4.6 inches in my waist after just 8 weeks. My joints aren’t as sore anymore when I get up and down. In addition, I’ve increased my stamina, learned how to eat properly and so much more. – Desirae Young

After just one month of training at Lake County Boot Camps I’ve seen drastic results. I’ve lost 6.3lbs, my body is firm and toned, and I’ve lost inches from my belly, butt and legs. Everyone there is so positive, the workouts are fast and fun, and they have such a great staff. Lake County Boot Camps is simply the best place to find personal training in Grayslake. Since starting my training with Dustin and his trainers I’ve increased my confidence, have more energy, and feel much stronger than I ever have! – Kathy Swatko

I love Lake County Boot Camps! Dustin is the best personal trainer in Grayslake and the best I’ve ever had, period. So far I’ve lost 31.2 pounds of fat and a bunch of inches throughout my body in just 12 short weeks. I love the intensity of the workouts, the motivation and accountability he provides.
Dustin you truly are the best, thank you! – Kristin Curtis

Training with Dustin has been an uplifting experience to say the least. The environment at Lake County Boot Camps is filled with a great amount of positive energy and the workouts are equally motivating and fun. In the short period of time (4 weeks) that I’ve trained with Dustin at Lake County Boot Camps I have lost 12.4lbs, gained lean muscle, toned up and lost inches throughout my entire body! The most important benefit I’ve noticed is an increase in my self-esteem and now I have the confidence that I can gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also realized if I set my mind to something I can truly achieve anything! – Melissa Jones

Being a mixed martial artist I need to have strength along with endurance. Training with Dustin at Lake County Boot Camps has helped turn me into a physical force in the cage. The workouts and dietary plans that are offered here are second to none. – Nick “The Violence” Scotti

Lake County Boot Camps has been the best experience. I’ve trained there for nearly 10 months and I am in the best shape of my life. Dustin’s passion and desire to get you into the best shape you can be is really inspirational. I truly owe my strength, health, and confidence to him and his training methods. – Erin Dolan

Training with Dustin is changing my body and the way I feel about myself. In just 12 weeks I dropped 20.6 lbs of fat and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle. I never thought I could become as strong as I have and it feels great. Dustin really understands how to get you started on a workout plan and nutritional plan that are both challenging and rewarding. Working out with Dustin is an important ingredient in my general well-being, as well as my improved appearance. This workout plan is designed to help me as a whole and not to aggravate old injuries (bad back, chronic knee and ankle problems, etc.), and in fact has helped reduce the symptoms of these past injuries. Dustin maintains high energy and motivational speaking during the workout. When I exercise on my own, I can picture what Dustin would say to me and that keeps me going. Thanks for all your help! – Laury Paddock

I received an introduction email from Lake County Boot Camps at a time when I needed it most. I had a lot of stress in my life and it was time I did “something for me “. Lake County Boot Camps classes in Mundelein have been my “must have” in keeping things constant. I love the new state of mind it has given me. I appreciate their nutritional advice and support of my trials and tribulations. In 3 months I had broken my plateau and then one day weight fell off me (12 lbs lighter). I knew my hard work had paid off. The Lake County Boot Camps instructors encouraged me to keep going when I had previously given up hope. – Stacy Cronin

I am 46 years old and all my life I have been “skinny.” At least that is what everyone always said. Whenever I would have my body fat tested I was always in the mid to high 20?s, which for a male is unhealthy. I always thought to get rid of this fat I needed to simply diet and cut calories. Believe me, I’ve tried many times to start a workout program but none of them ever worked for me. In the past I would rely on my friends, books or the “personal trainer” at the health club, but nothing ever made a real difference. I would find out later from Dustin that I was only addressing part of my body’s needs. In just 2 months I’ve lost 8 percentage points of body fat. I am finally gaining some much needed muscle and because of that my metabolism has increased to levels I have not seen since I was a teenager. I learned that to see top notch results you need not only a great work out plan but a nutritional plan to match. Also, to succeed you need the correct balance of cardio, weight training, and flexibility. Not only am I becoming the fittest I’ve been in my life but I’m also learning how to maintain it for the rest of my life. I now plan on living a very long and healthy life and I have Dustin to thank for this. Thank you for your help. – Charles Paddock

I have worked out in some way, shape, or form all of my life. However, I am a small person and never felt physically strong. Since I have been working with Dustin at Lake County Boot Camps, I have become very strong. Dustin has helped me build muscle and increase my endurance. My results can be seen as well as felt. I have more energy, strength, and lasting endurance than I have ever had. It’s nice to have defined muscle tone too. Dustin also keeps it fresh and not boring. I’m constantly learning new ways to keep in shape every week. I am doing things I never thought about doing before. It’s great to be strong! – Lori Schaibly

When I first contacted Dustin, I had not worked out in years, had very little stamina and very little strength or muscle tone. I am 52 years old and had just been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I actually wondered if I was too old or out-of-shape to even go to a personal trainer and to start an exercise program. I have been working out with Dustin now for approximately three months and have not felt this good in years. I’m amazed at the strength and muscle tone that I have gained. Dustin is very knowledgeable and works with you to design both a fitness and dietary program specifically for you. His love of training is very evident in his true concern for the health and fitness of his clients. Through his training, he is teaching me to be a stronger individual both physically and mentally. He is my cheerleader, encouraging me to be the best I can be. Dustin Thanks– you’re the best. – Gabriela

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