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Thanks to shady food manufactures in the 90’s, there’s this
misconception that all fats
are created equal and that they’re all bad for you.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Libertyville fitness classes are not only
beneficial they are essential for sustaining life.

Fat’s help regulate bodily functions, control vitamin absorption,
provide fatty acids for growth, healthy skin, and….

Fats Promote Fullness

Eating fat can actually help you lose weight because unlike
lighter foods that digest quickly, fats actually take longer to digest
providing a better sense of satiety.

This can help stretch out times between feedings essentially
helping you eat less.

Fats Satisfy

One of the main reasons people fail at dieting is because they deprive
themselves of fat eating only carbs and lean proteins.

When you are physically hungry, nothing satisfies like fat. In moderation,
fats are the only type of food that can prevent hunger pangs.

Remember, the key is choosing the “right” fatty foods and
portion control.

Fat Tastes Better

It’s no secret that foods with fat in them taste the best.

So if adding a little mayo on a grilled chicken wrap helps prevent you
from eating a burger or pizza, or the only way you’ll eat veggies is with
butter or oil atop, so be it.

A little fat can go a long way in making healthy food taste better
so don’t be afraid to use in moderation.

Choosing The Right Fats

Lastly, try to consume more good fats than bad.

Saturated animal fats are bad..

Unsaturated fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, and certain oils are

Eating enough healthy fats can actually help counter the
negative effects of unhealthy fats.

Fat Is Not Your Enemy

Fats help transport healthy nutrients around your body,
and acts as a reserve for energy storage. Eliminating fats from
your diet can actually lead to health problems.

So try not to think of fat as your foe, but an essential part
of a healthy existence.

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