LCBC Policy

In order to provide a happy, healthy workout environment for everyone, here’s a quick checklist of guidelines we hope you’ll take a second to read and follow. These are just here to keep everyone safe and happy!

Generally Speaking…

  • Dress in appropriate gear
  • No jeans
  • Indoor sneakers only (no shoes or sandals)
  • Leave the jewelry and other valuables at home or in your vehicle
  • In order to help keep the facility clean and safe, we kindly ask that you dispose of all trash (water bottles, gum wrappers etc.) when your workout is completed
  • Bring a water bottle and towel (if needed) to the workouts.
  • No smoking anywhere near the premises including the parking lot (as a matter of fact – stop smoking!)
  • No training under the influence of alcohol and drugs. You will be asked to leave.
  • No profane or offensive language unless it comes from us. ;)
  • We are closed on the following days (unless we notify you)…New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

When Working Out…

Be on time. If you are late, just find your station and jump right in!
Do not train if you’re feeling sick. If you’re sick, the best remedy is plenty of rest and water. We’ll still be here when you get well!
No horseplay. Even though our environment is meant to be friendly and fun, remember that there is always potential for injury so be smart and you’ll be fine!
Only use the equipment under supervision of the trainer(s).

If you have any questions…

Trainers are there to answer your diet and fitness questions and to make sure you are safe and having a blast. They are happy to help you out!

Have a nutrition/fitness question for Dustin? Email him at

All billing concerns and membership status questions need to be sent to Rebecca at Please note that our 3-month, 6-month and 12-month programs automatically switch to a month-to-month program at the same rate upon completion. Cancellations must be sent via email to at least 5 business days prior to your EFT date. Even if you notify your instructor, you still need to send an email to Programs cannot be cancelled until the initial term has ended and the membership has been converted to the month-to-month program. If a member cancels a program early, the remaining balance will be deducted from the credit card or bank account on file immediately.

In rare situations such as extremely dangerous driving conditions, severe weather and/or trainer emergencies we ask that you ALWAYS check our Facebook fan page to see if we have a last minute closing. Just click here and If you are ever unsure about our workouts times or if we are closed, you can always email us at or call 877-423-3481 to speak with us but the quickest and most effective way to “stay informed” is by going to our fan page!

Good Luck and Let’s Get Started!

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