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Why Do Diet Books Always Seem to Fall Short?


If you’re like most Americans, you’ve bought more than one diet book during the last few years. Although you always purchase a new diet book with high hopes of finally losing weight and keeping it off, the same cycle still seems to take place.


While you may drop a couple of pounds by following the latest diet for a few weeks or even months, you eventually decide that the diet is putting too much of a strain on your quality of life. Once you call it quits, you notice that not only does the number you see when you step on a scale stop decreasing, but it actually begins going up again.


There’s a surprisingly simple reason why you’ve probably experienced this cycle multiple times. In some cases, a diet book is nothing more than a scam. Books that fall into this category are written by sleazy individuals who are looking to make a quick buck.


While some diet failures can be attributed to that category, diet books that offer no value are actually the exception rather than the rule. In the majority of cases, the problem comes from diets being a general solution.


The best case scenario for an author is their diet book sells hundreds of thousands or even millions of copies. As a result, they want their diet and advice to appeal to as many people as possible. Because these books are written with mass appeal in mind, there’s no way each and every piece of advice can work perfectly for you. While you may pick up some useful ideas from a diet book, trying to follow a general diet to a T just isn’t going to last.


In order to make a lasting change to the way you eat, you need a plan that’s designed specifically for you.


A Gurnee Personal Trainer Can Provide the Customized Plan You Need


When you choose to work with a Gurnee personal trainer, you don’t have to settle for advice that was designed for a huge group of readers. Instead, a trainer can craft a plan specifically for your goals, needs and preferences.


Instead of being forced to eat certain foods because that’s what a diet tells you to do, a trainer can help you find the best choices for the types of food you actually like to eat.


The same level of customization applies to working out. Your trainer will be able to pinpoint effective but engaging exercises that specifically work for you.


But Doesn’t It Cost a Lot to Work with a Gurnee Personal Trainer?


If you plan to work with a trainer for more than a few sessions, it can get pricey. Fortunately, there’s an equally effective but more affordable option.


When you join a bootcamp, you can get the same individualized attention you need to succeed at losing weight. But because you’ll work out in a small group setting, these benefits will come at a significantly lower price.

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