Gurnee Bootcamp

A Slimmer, Healthier Body Means a Happier You


Slimming down can benefit you in several big ways. The most obvious benefit is you will feel better about your body. Instead of spending your days feeling ashamed or self-conscious about your weight, you’ll learn to enjoy your own body.


Although you may not feel comfortable running out in a tiny bikini right away, small changes like not feeling the need to cover up with multiple layers of clothing can be a very liberating experience.


Another benefit of losing weight is improving your overall health. Even if you don’t currently have any serious health problems, being overweight increases your risk for quite a few conditions. Once you get rid of your extra weight, worries about those conditions will no longer need to float around in the back of your mind.


You’ll also benefit by increasing your energy. When you slim down and add toned muscle to your body, you’ll no longer feel like you’re just dragging through your days. Noticeably increasing your energy makes it possible to enjoy life to the fullest.


This All Sounds Great. But How Do I Make It Happen?


While just about everyone who’s carrying around extra weight would like to get rid of it, very few people are able to shed these pounds. And even less people are able to shed the pounds and keep them off.


The key to succeeding at both of these goals is to make a sustainable change to your life. While dieting can help you lose a few pounds, this approach to weight loss won’t keep off the fat.


Instead, you need a program that’s dedicated to your long-term success. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Gurnee Bootcamp offers.


Gurnee Bootcamp is the Savvy Way to Shape Up


While bootcamp is by no means a shortcut, it does deliver results in less time than most people expect. If Gurnee Bootcamp doesn’t cut corners, how can it deliver faster results, as well as help people maintain these results?


The secret sauce of bootcamp is its ability to maximize the calories you burn. Once again, this isn’t some form of hype. Bootcamp helps you burn more calories by focusing on intensity.


If you go to a gym and do standard cardio, you will likely go to town on a treadmill or elliptical for 30 to 60 minutes. While you’ll feel like you’ve done a lot, the fact that your workout was done at a steady pace will have limited the number of calories you burned.


Studies have shown that people burn more calories when they spike their intensity levels throughout a workout. This is why Gurnee Bootcamp takes a dynamic approach to cardio instead of what you see people doing on cardio machines.


An added benefit of dynamic cardio, along with a variety of resistance exercises, is it’s far more engaging. Instead of feeling bored for almost your entire workout, you’ll actually enjoy working up a sweat during each Gurnee Bootcamp session!

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