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Why Are So Many Health Club Members Still Unhappy with Their Bodies?


When someone wants to lose weight, it’s not uncommon for them to join a health club. While a health club can provide a quality space for working out, many people who sign up with them to lose weight become discouraged after being a member for a few months. The happens because many members don’t achieve the weight loss they expected.


The reason this scenario is so common is because it takes more than signing up for a health club to lose weight. In fact, it even takes more than regularly going to a health club and working out.


What losing weight requires is consistently doing workouts that maximize the amount of calories that are burned. If you join a health club and work out on your own, the odds are against you for consistently performing this type of workout. But when you sign up for a Grayslake Bootcamp, this is exactly what you’ll do during each session.


Bootcamps Deliver What Most Solo Workouts Can’t


If you go to a Grayslake health club to work out on your own, you’ll probably do one of two things. You’ll either get on a treadmill for an hour or spend your time doing a few sets on several different weight machines. In some cases, you may split your workout between these two activities.


While there’s nothing wrong with those activities, they don’t maximize your ability to burn calories. The reason treadmill sessions fall short is because you’re maintaining a steady pace instead of periodically spiking your intensity. And with weight machines, while resistance training is a good thing, the standard method of doing a set and then resting means your heart rate is barely ever going to be raised.


Burn More Calories and Enjoy the Process of Doing So


A bootcamp solves both of the problems caused by standard Grayslake health club routines that fall short. Bootcamps solve the problem with typical treadmill routines by taking a dynamic approach to cardio. Instead of maintaining the same pace, you’ll do different dynamic exercises that require you to spike your intensity.


Bootcamps solve the rest problem created by standard weight machine workouts by integrating resistance training in with the dynamic cardio exercises. Instead of performing a resistance movement and then stopping, you will transition directly to another cardio exercise. By shuffling between a variety of cardio and resistance exercises, you continue to burn calories for the entire duration of your bootcamp sessions.


What’s really great about this approach is not only does it maximize the calories you burn, but it also makes working out enjoyable. When you’re being challenged by switching from one exercise to the next, you’re not going to have time to be bored or think you would rather be doing something else.


Adding to the enjoyment of your sessions is the fact that bootcamp turns working out into a social experience instead of a solitary one.

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