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An older client told me the other day, “Don’t get old! First it’s your body
and then it’s your mind!”

I just laughed.

“Are you kidding me? I don’t have to get old to feel like my mind is going
some days!”

I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Consumers spend millions of dollars each year on products and
programs that claim to improve cognitive functions.

From Gingko biloba supplements that are billed as memory enhancers
to games that are designed to increase focus,
just about everyone would like to have a sharper mind.

However, just like most weight loss programs and products, very few brain
boosters live up to their hype.

Fortunately, the prevalence of duds on the market doesn’t mean that there’s
no way for you to ensure your brain is operating at its peak. If you want to be
able to bring your mental “A Game,” all you need to do is work up a sweat on
a regular basis!


It has plenty to do with it!

Because your brain has so many responsibilities, it burns a lot of energy.
As a result, your brain actually has its own private supply of glycogen.

In plain English, that means carbs keep your brain functioning properly.

Two studies by Japanese researchers looked into the impact that exercise
has on these stores of brain energy. The first study found that exercise significantly
depletes the brain of these energy reserves.

Bad news, right? Not exactly.


There were two notable findings from the second study.

First, while exercise depletes the brain of its stores of energy, as soon as food is
eaten, it goes directly to the brain. In fact, not only will the brain replenish itself after a
workout, but it’s actually able to increase its energy absorption by up to sixty percent.

The second big finding from this study was that while the brain is able to ramp
up its energy load after a single workout, this increase falls back to normal within
24 hours.

However, when subjects involved in the study exercised on a daily basis for a
full month, the brain levels did not drop back down. Instead, the boosted brain level
became the new standard.

What this study shows is not only is consistency key for successfully shedding weight,
but it can also unlock the full mental benefits of exercise.


When someone wants to Grayslake fitness center, it’s common for their first thought to be that they
should eat as little as possible. However, the findings from this research demonstrate
yet another reason why that plan of action is extremely flawed.

Instead of depriving your body of food, you need to give it plenty of fuel. The key to
making a positive change is focusing on the quality of the food you eat. When you focus
on natural sources of lean protein, unrefined carbs and good fats, you’ll find that both your
mind and body are able to operate at peak levels.


What’s your favorite way to refuel after a workout?

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