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Intensity is the Key to Maximizing Your Weight Loss


Trying to lose weight can seem like an impossible battle. If you’ve been stuck at a weight that makes you unhappy, you may feel like there’s no way for you to shed the extra pounds you’re carrying around on your stomach, legs and arms. Even if you’ve been able to temporarily lose weight by dieting, you likely grew even more frustrated when those pounds came back as soon as your diet ended.


While you may think you simply have to tolerate being unhappy with your body, this isn’t the case at all. Whether you have 15 or 50 pounds to lose, Grayslake Bootcamp can help you get in shape.


Bootcamp is different than diets and other fitness programs. A big reason why people who’ve struggled to lose weight are finally able to succeed with the help of bootcamp is because this approach to getting in shape focuses on intensity. From the time you start a Grayslake Bootcamp session to the very end of it, you will be performing a wide range of exercises that keep you working hard.


Variety is Not Only Effective; It’s Also Fun


A big problem with standard workouts is you spend too much of your time in the gym resting. Instead of keeping your heart rate up, you do one set and then take a break. Because you’re only exerting yourself for a small percentage of your total workout, you’re severely limiting the amount of calories you can burn.


Grayslake Bootcamp solves this problem by keeping you moving. What’s great about this approach to working out is not only does it maximize your ability to burn calories, but it also keeps you engaged with your workout.


If you get on a treadmill and spend an hour jogging at the same pace, you’re going to start feeling bored after about two minutes. However, when you complete a cardio drill and then immediately transition to a resistance exercise, you’re going to be focused. The need to stay focused means you’re challenged, which in turn gives you a sense of purpose for your workout.


Even though you’re going to be tired after your bootcamp sessions, knowing what you just accomplished will make you feel great. The same is true as you continue to work out and notice visible improvements when you look in the mirror.


A Group Environment Allows You to Excel


Another reason bootcamp sessions are fun is because you’re surrounded by an energized group. If you’ve played team sports in the past, you’ll probably notice that your sessions create the same type of camaraderie.


When you’re working hard with others, you will enjoy your time. You will also push yourself to do your best. Although it’s easy to slack off when you’re only accountable to yourself, when you’re inspired by not wanting to let the people you view as your team down, you’ll give your workout everything you’ve got.


If you want a program that’s going to help you lose weight and energize yourself, look no further than Grayslake Bootcamp!

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