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Learn How To Do Pullups The EZ Way

We LOVE to do pull-ups at Lake County Boot Camps.   We love them so much that we do them AT LEAST twice per week.   When done correctly, pull-ups help strengthen, tone, and sexify the muscles of the back and biceps.   Unfortunately most human beings cannot even do ONE PULL-UP!!   Watch this [...]

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Gurnee Fat Loss

Does Gurnee Fat Loss Seem Like an Unattainable Dream?   It’s frustrating to be overweight. In fact, excess fat can feel like a cage that’s holding you back from living the life you truly want.   What makes being overweight such a difficult experience is the longer you go being unhappy with your body, the [...]

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Grayslake Fat Loss

Faster Results Provide More Motivation   Infomercials and many diet books commonly make claims about losing significant weight in no time. As anyone who has tired any of these methods has found out, these programs rarely ever live up to their claims. However, that doesn’t change the fact that people have a desire to change [...]

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