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Interview with an Expert Series: Grayslake Dentist Tells All

Fitness and Dentistry go hand in hand.

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Just a Little FitRanX Testing

FitRanX testing was in full effect this morning at our Grayslake facility. All in all over 50 people tested Levels 1-3. As you can see video everybody had a great time while burning lots of calories and fat. The video is just a sample of the cardio portion of the Level 3 test. It was [...]

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Learn How To Do Pullups The EZ Way

We LOVE to do pull-ups at Lake County Boot Camps.   We love them so much that we do them AT LEAST twice per week.   When done correctly, pull-ups help strengthen, tone, and sexify the muscles of the back and biceps.   Unfortunately most human beings cannot even do ONE PULL-UP!!   Watch this [...]

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Libertyville fitness classes

Thanks to shady food manufactures in the 90’s, there’s this misconception that all fats are created equal and that they’re all bad for you. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Libertyville fitness classes are not only beneficial they are essential for sustaining life. Fat’s help regulate bodily functions, control vitamin absorption, provide fatty acids for [...]

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vernon hills health club

Hope you had an amazingly AWESOME weekend. I wanted to share with you today the 5 things you absolutely must do nutritionally in order to lose weight. 1) Have a Plan Ever heard the old adage “Fail to plan, plan to fail?” I’m sure you have, and guess what… it’s true, especially when it comes [...]

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Libertyville fitness center

I always get asked “Dustin… What are some healthy snacks that are also high in protein?” So I made you this cheat sheet of the healthiest high protein snacks for you to print and use… Enjoy! 10 Healthy High Protein Snacks: 1. Hard boiled eggs 2. Nuts 3. Greek Yogurt 4. Rolled up turkey slices [...]

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Grayslake fitness center

An older client told me the other day, “Don’t get old! First it’s your body and then it’s your mind!” I just laughed. “Are you kidding me? I don’t have to get old to feel like my mind is going some days!” I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Consumers spend [...]

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Grayslake Boot Camp Owner's Interview With An Expert: The Vine Martini And Wine Bar

Javascript: In this video with Grayslake’s The Vine Martini Bar Owner Mike Pruitt and Head Chef Steve Anderson you’ll discover why you don’t have to go to downtown Chicago to get an upscale restaurant experience. Also, find out what I would do to make their healthiest dishes even healthier.

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My 12 Week Weight Loss Journey: Days 9-10

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My 12 Week Weight Loss Journey: Day 8

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