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Lake County’s # 1 Fitness And Fat Loss Expert Will Show You How To Get The Fat Off And Keep It Off Once And For All!

Dear Friend,

Dustin MartoranoMy Name is Dustin Martorano…Lake County’s Fitness and Fat Loss Expert.

I GUARANTEE my fitness program will help you reach your fitness goals or I will give all your money back.

How can I make such a bold guarantee?

I truly believe my results driven fat melting boot camp will change your body and your life like it has for thousands of others.

Listen, I don’t want you to just believe me… Scroll down and see for yourself.

In just a few short weeks your friends and family will be amazed at your results and ask how you did it.

Being in the “make you look good business” for nearly 10 years I understand what it takes to get in great shape.

I will personally make sure that you’re guided every step of the way so we can achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, develop a healthier lifestyle, and get the body that you deserve once and for all.


  • Are Not Losing Weight But Feel Like You’ve Tried EVERYTHING?
  • Have No Energy And Motivation?
  • No Longer Fit In Your Favorite Clothes?
  • Are Embarrassed With How You Look In A Bikini?
  • Are Too Busy And Think You Need Hours In The Gym To Look Great?
  • Are Tired Of Failed Fitness Programs And Broken Promises?

I don’t blame you… The Fitness Industry is Full of Lies and Scams.

But my program is different, and if you give me the opportunity to prove it to you, I promise it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Just listen to what some of our members have to say about our rapid results producing program.



“It’s different here, not arrogant like other gyms!”
Vernon Hills Boot Camp

“I love that the programs are always changing, it’s never the same!”
Vernon Hills Weight Loss

“It’s so motivational here, it what keeps me coming back!”
Vernon Hills Gym

“I’ve already lose over 11 lbs in just 2 months!”
Gym Vernon Hills

“I love the high energy in the bootcamp classes!”
Gyms Vernon Hills

“I normally leave exhausted after a class but feel good about it!”
Vernon Hills Fitness

“Everyday is different, everyday is motivating!”

“I’ve made friends and love the support!”

“I have lost 160lbs and so many inches!”

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Our Ultimate Nutrition Guide, designed to give you the fastest weight loss results possible without EVER making you feel like you’re dieting. ($67 Value)


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Our fun, fast, and efficient “Metabolic Matrix Workout” that changes daily so you NEVER get bored or plateau.


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facebook group

Access to our private members-only Facebook group the “LCBC Fam Forum” where we give you all the coaching necessary to get you to your best body.


Unlimited Email And Phone Support So That You Always Stay On Track Towards Reaching Your Fitness And Fat Loss Goals.


Our Ultimate Success Manual ($47 Value) that includes:

  • Goal Setting 101
  • 10 Home And Travel Boot Camp Workouts
  • Quick Start To Success: Nutrition Guide
  • Sample 3-Day Meal Plan
  • 12 Great Tasting and Healthy Recipes
  • Motivation And Inspiration


Our Ultimate Flexibility Guide ($47 Value) that includes:

  • Improve Your Mobility
  • Relieve Joint And Muscle Pain
  • Reduce Stress
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Sleep
  • Lose Weight FASTER


“I’ve been going to LCBC for 7 months and I’ve lost a couple pant sizes!”

“My knees are hurting less and my back is hurting less!”

“My waist has gone down from 38 to 32!”

“This is a family atmosphere and everybody is so supportive!”

“I have lost 28 lbs and 3 dress sizes!”

“I love the class because the people are phenomenal!”

“I’ve lost 30 lbs and I’m more toned!”

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  • Lose Ugly Fat and Unwanted Inches
  • Get a Fit, Toned and Sexy Body
  • Get Unbelievably Fast Results (Or Your Money Back)
  • Learn How to Eat Correctly
  • Workout Half the Time but See Twice the Results
  • Decrease Stress, Lower Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Lose Fat in “Trouble Spots”
  • Kick Start Your Metabolism Turning Your Body Into a Fat BURNING MACHINE
  • Increase Your Energy (No More Afternoon Crash)
  • Look Your Best and More Importantly FEEL Your Best
  • Feel More Confident
  • And Much, Much More…

I know you’re ready for a change, why not give us a try today and see for yourself if Lake County Boot Camp is the best fit for you! 

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I wanted to get in great shape after spending another summer hiding my body. Little did I know Lake County Boot Camps would be the catalyst for a life-changing, complete transformation!

I have belonged to different gyms but had no motivation to go. I tried Weight Watchers, Curves, fad diets, and diet pills. You name it, I’ve tried it!

Everyone has their moment when they decide to make a change in their life. I wasn’t completely happy with my physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being and was looking for various avenues to explore to become completely happy in my life. The only one I stuck with was boot camp.

I always say, “All I have to do is show up and turn my brain off from the everyday craziness for 45 minutes and just sweat!” It doesn’t really get any easier than that and you get amazing results.

I immediately saw and felt changes in literally every aspect of my life. Not only was I dropping weight and my body changing rapidly, but my overall sense of well-being was changing too! I am emotionally and physically stronger, have more self-confidence and feel accomplished. After the first month of boot camp, I started to realize that I never gave myself enough credit for what I could actually accomplish in all aspects of my life. Lake County Boot Camps is not just about getting a great workout; it’s about getting a great life!

Bianca and Dustin are two of the most motivating, positive influences I have in my life. The praise and encouragement I have received is the most beneficial part of belonging to the Lake County Boot Camps family. Everyone is trying to accomplish the same goal…better overall health, mentally and physically, so the encouragement we all give each other makes us a very close family.

I am a walking billboard for the results everyone can achieve from Lake County Boot Camps. With their help I have lost over 30lbs. I am finally happy with my body, have much better overall health and wellness and have met a lot of new friends who offer a positive-influence in my life.

I have recommended Lake County Boot Camps to all my friends and family. And everyone who has tried it has stuck with it! I know that if I can do it, everyone can do.

- Kay W.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


Lake County Boot Camp success story - Kristin

I love Lake County Boot Camps. Dustin is so passionate about what he does and it keeps me motivated to work hard and make the most of every single training session. Seeing the results I’ve seen has made me extremely happy because I look and feel better, I’m stronger, and overall I’m much healthier.

I have lost 8.5 pounds in 5 weeks, and several inches too! The experience that Dustin provides has helped to make me a stronger person, not only physically but also mentally. He has taught me that if I push myself and take massive action to succeed at my goals then I can accomplish anything.

- Kristin B.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story Naomi

I had been looking into joining a gym, but had been avoiding it; I had been a gym member many times before, but the memberships were a waste (I never went). My best friends suggested that we all buy Groupon’s for Lake County Boot Camps together and we did. In the past when I was successful at going to the gym 5 times a week, it was because I had a gym buddy that met me there every day. At boot camp I have 15-30 gym buddies there. I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. Dustin is very good at making people feel confident-his compliments are sincere. It also helps that the trainers are healthy themselves. I can see my muscles…they weren’t visible before. I’ve lost 65 lbs. (and counting). I’ve lost 22 inches overall. I’m down 5 pants sizes. I sleep better and I’m starting to love what I see. It’s like having a personal trainer without the cost and without being one on one (which I wouldn’t care for)-instead of having one trainer rooting you on, you have several trainers and all of the other members rooting for you. The workout changes every day-so I have never felt bored.

I recommend Lake County Boot Camps all the time. Every chance I get, I recommend it on Facebook and I send mass emails to everyone at work. It is the best decision I have ever made and possible the best money I have spent. It has given me the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. All of the health issues that I could have faced, due to being overweight, are gone now. The workouts are always a lot of fun and reduce stress-which is awesome after a long day at work.

- Naomi W.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story Erin

Let me begin by saying “I HAVE LOST 107 POUNDS!”

I started Lake County Boot Camp in April 2012 and it was a day that changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy, but you have to consider where I started at. I couldn’t do a jumping jack, much less a burpee. I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs without being out of breath. I had never really been much of an exerciser. Sure I would join a gym, go a few times in a month and then quit.

Then, I saw a Groupon for Lake County Boot Camp. I decided to take a giant leap and sign up. aving heard good things about the whole “bootcamp” type of workout, I thought maybe I’ll try it for a couple of weeks. Well that was 7 months ago.

Like I said, I couldn’t do much the day I started. The trainer made sure that I was moving and showed me modifications for each exercise. Everyone was very welcoming and I did not feel out of place at all. Now, there isn’t much I can’t do, and if I feel I can’t, Dustin will make sure I try. I still have a lot to lose, but for the first time in my life I have no doubt that I will achieve my goals!

Everything about Lake County Boot Camps will help you achieve whatever goal you have, be it weight loss or just wanting to tone up. You receive a few emails a week with tips and suggestions to keep you on track. Dustin will personally talk one on one with you whenever you have questions or need additional motivation. All the trainers care about you and how you’re doing. They teach you the right form for the exercises and encourage you to keep moving when you think you can’t. Every day and every week is something new, you never get bored. It is very challenging, but rewarding. Plus, the other boot campers in your class become your own personal cheering section.

I recommend Lake County Boot Camps to everyone I see Never doubt you can do it, just start and the trainers will help you every step of the way

- Erin P.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident



Dustin and his trainers at Lake County Boot Camps are truly fantastic. I love the fast results I’ve achieved. Seeing the inches and weight fall off has made me happier than I’ve been for a while. I even feel like I can fit into my car better now. To top that off, I feel healthier, more energetic, and my confidence has gone through the roof!

- Melissa G.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Sacramento Resident



Lake County Boot Camps is an awesome program where you truly see results! Bianca, the trainer in Grayslake, is so motivating and the other boot campers are wonderful. I don’t think I could have been successful without everyone’s help. Everyone is there for each other and is going through the same torture as I am (good torture that is). It’s awesome to see what we all can accomplish with just a little motivation. I love when everyone cheers you on when you feel like you can’t do that last burpee…lol!

I’m constantly hearing from my friends and others how great I look. They want to know what happened to me and how I did it. I proudly say, “Lake County Boot Camps!” I’ve even heard that I am actually someone’s inspiration and they want to get in great shape just like me.

During the class the trainer gives us constant reminders of mind over body, how important it is to be healthy, and to push ourselves hard during the class because she knows we can do it. She believed in me from day 1 and that means a lot to me. The Lake County Boot Camps team truly cares about me and all of their members.

I have a whole new outlook on being healthy and an appreciation for the importance of staying active. I’m actually excited to work out now and look forward to each boot camp. I actually get kind of irritated when I miss a day of working out! It even feels good shopping now because the clothes I normally wear look 10 times better and it’s all because of Lake County Boot Camps!

- Margie G.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Sacramento Resident



As an avid motocross rider it’s important for me to be in good shape so that I can be my best on the track. Before coming to Lake County boot Camps I was not at my best. I was out of shape and could feel it when I got on my bike. When I rode I felt heavy and would be completely exhausted for days after riding. This killed me because I love to ride more than anything. I tried to lifting weights on my own but I just bulked up which made things worse. I almost gave up on getting fit but then I discovered Lake County Boot Camps in Grayslake and that changed everything.

In the 10 months that I’ve been a member I’ve lost over 25lbs, look and feel awesome, and have so much stamina that even the toughest races feel like a joy ride. The best part is that my wife loves the way I look. She says she can’t get enough of me. I gotta give the credit to my trainer Bianca though. She is very motivating, and her workouts are always challenging and fresh. She never lets me give up on my self when the workout gets too tough. I’m glad I made the decision to come to Lake County Boot Camps and I’ve come a long way. Even my wife trains here with me. Now we get 3-4 date nights a week instead of one. Thanks Lake County Boot Camps. You’ve changed my life!

- Scott B.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story Ruth

One of my coworkers had recently joined Lake County Boot Camps and had nothing but good things to say about them. After meeting Dustin and hearing his enthusiasm in helping people I thought this would be a great way to help me reach my new year resolution.

I love that the workout are always different and challenging it makes the time just fly by. I have lost 40lbs in 9 months and I feel so much better, have tons of more energy and feel stronger than ever. LCBC is different from everything else I’ve ever tried, they show you the exercises and make sure your using correct posture. They make working out fun and most importantly encourage you to eat right. Everyone is so great and friendly from the trainers to the boot campers. One of the best things that I think has helped me out is that they always tell you to eat right 90% of the time which allows you a cheat day and you don’t feel deprived. I would defiantly recommend LCBC to everyone, I absolutely love it! The workouts are fun and challenging and anyone could do it! If you have any issues or problems they work with you to modify it. We are constantly reminded of how we can do anything! Mind controls your body your body doesn’t control your mind.

- Ruth L.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story Tammy

I came to LCBC on a groupon with the intentions of trying it for 30 days to see what it would do for me. I am a person who has never been physically fit in my life and come from a family of obese people. I can now honestly say the LCBC has changed my life, it has changed my outlook on life. I am obsessed with coming to work out and eating right. In fact I come 5 days a week and if I miss a day I feel like I am cheating myself. I am fit and more than that healthy for the first time in my life. After my last physical, my doctor said whatever I am doing to keep doing. My cholesterol is fantastic as well as my HDL, LDL and triglycerides.

The trainers here are inspiring and truly care about our success. They encourage us to work hard and push us to be the best we can. I have worked with other trainers and they just really don’t take a personal interest in your success. We have a common bond and I feel like I can say the trainers at LCBC are now part of my circle of friends. I would and have recommended LCBC to my friends and family, it is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life.

I can’t imagine not coming to Lake County boot camps to work out every week. I have learned an immense amount about health and fitness that will carry through the rest of my life. I have reached my goal from when I started. I now have new goals, goals I never thought would be within reach and here I am reaching them and beyond. I owe LCBC a debt of gratitude for getting me here, THANK YOU ALL!!!

- Tammy C.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident



I spent the past winter hibernating and recovering from an injury, and managed to put on 15lbs, most of which made its way to my midsection. As Spring drew near, I was still unable to log the miles required to get myself back to a goal weight in time for my upcoming trip to the Bahamas with the girls. That’s when I saw a Living Social deal for Lake County Boot Camps. At first I was a little skeptical because I had tried other group training programs in the past and they were all generic, boring and not challenging enough for me. After a short time training with Lake County Boot Camps I realized that they were completely different from other programs. They definitely exceeded my expectations. The trainer’s kept the workouts fresh and challenging by constantly changing the workouts and exercises. More importantly I saw the results I was looking for and I was able to reach my goal of losing 15lbs just in-time for my trip. I was so pleased with the results that I decided to stay with them after my Living Social deal ended!

- Dina H.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Wauconda Resident



Before coming to Lake County Boot Camps I tried working out on my own at my local gym but that was boring and I wasn’t really seeing any results. I eventually gave up and stopped going. A few months later I met Dustin and started coming to Boot Camp and starting seeing results immediately! The classes are fun and the workouts are never the same so I never get bored. The best part about working out at Lake County Boot Camps is that the trainers hold you accountable for what you eat, and they make sure you attend classes at least three days a week. If you don’t, they’ll call to check on you. They just really care about helping you reach your health and fitness goals which is more than I can say for most personal trainers and gyms.

So far I’ve lost 17 pounds. My body looks leaner and more toned. I’ve also learned to eat healthier and have a lot more energy than before. Lake County Boot Camps covers every aspect that is important to losing and keeping weight off. They make it easy, and teach you healthy habits that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle. They are by far the best fitness program in Lake County.

- Claudia R.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident



I have been a part of the Lake County Boot Camps family for a couple of months now. Working out there has truly been an amazing experience. Bianca is very knowledgeable and she knows just the right things to say to get to you to dig deep and go that extra mile. She is always there to give you that extra motivation. One of the coolest things about boot camp is that Bianca always has exercises that work for everybody no matter what their fitness level is.

Training at Lake County Boot Camps has helped me reach my fitness goals faster than I ever expected. Not only have I lost over 15 pounds, I have also lost inches all over my entire body. One of the things that really separates Lake County Boot Camps from other programs is that they take the time to set up meal plans and work with you on a personal level so you can reach your goals faster. Most personal trainers don’t take the time to do that for you. Getting involved with Lake County Boot Camps has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would, and have, recommend them to all my friends and will continue to do so because they are truly the best!

- Stacey H.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Sacramento Resident


LCBC Success Story Jamie

I bought a groupon for LCBC because I was having surgery and knew that I would need something to kick my butt back into shape after recovery. I had not belonged to a gym or anything for probably about 10 years – got married, had kids, gained weight, couldn’t (wouldn’t) make time. I was really, really high right after my pregnancies, and well on my way to life of obesity and illness. I’ve tried several diet programs out there, and some would work for awhile, but eventually I would gain the weight back. I just thought that I needed to work out hard to lose weight and all would be well. When I first joined, these were the hardest workouts I had ever done in my life! I was also frustrated because I was working so hard and didn’t lose weight at first. But, here’s why LCBC is different, I was able to talk to Dustin and get one on one feedback about what I needed to do to reach my goals. I discovered what was lacking was my nutrition. I was working out hard, but still eating like crap. Once he explained that my success was 20% fitness, and 80% nutrition I knew what I needed to do. No one had EVER told me that before. He worked with me to complete a meal plan that would work for me and my lifestyle and that, along with the fitness at LCBC was what has brought me great success. Success I never dreamed of.

I love the friendships that have formed from being a member at LCBC, it’s a family. My husband has since joined LCBC because he saw the success I was having and he was so proud of me that he wanted that same success for himself too. People know when I haven’t been there for awhile and will reach out to check up on me. If I’m struggling or slacking, people notice (because we are there for one another), the trainers notice and they’ll encourage you just enough to get you past whatever it is that is causing you to struggle. I am almost 40 years old and I am in the BEST shape of my life and I have Dustin, Taylor, and LCBC to thank for that – but they won’t take the credit, they’ll say I did the hard part! That’s how awesome LCBC is!

- Jamie B.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Sacramento Resident


Erin D. another success story!

Lake County Boot Camps has changed my life. That may sound corny, but it is the truth. I have lost 40 pounds, lost 22 total inches and gained a lot of muscle. I have always tried to be in shape, have been an athlete all my life, but staying with something for a long time has always been my problem. I don’t have a desk job for a reason, I get bored easily. I have been with LCBC for a year and a half. I have never stopped consecutively going. I think that says a lot about the program. I continue to get stronger and the workouts consistently challenge me to new levels. In addition to the great workouts are the people, it is not like a gym class because you see the same people every day at LCBC. You get to know one another and support each other through your struggles and successes! There are people at LCBC that I confide in with stuff that I don’t with some of my closest friends. I have now found some great friends who have the same goals and hobbies as I do which will keep me going back forever!!!

- Erin D.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Sacramento Resident

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  • Using My 10 Year’s experience AND tested and proven “in-the-trenches boot camp system” to shed off pounds and unwanted inches from your trouble areas.
  • Making you laugh and have fun in each and every workout so you actually look forward to showing up.
  • Making it so affordable that it is costs less than a daily cup of Starbucks.
  • Making nutrition simple with my done-for-you meal plans and success tips.
  • Motivating you and pushing you with “love” to be the best you can be.
  • Holding you accountable for your weight loss success because not having accountability is what got you here in the first place. I WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL.
  • You have nothing to lose but unwanted ugly fat with my iron clad guarantee. The burden of proof is on me so let me prove to you that I can get it done.

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“I love the flexibility of the classes and it’s challenging!”
Vernon Hills Gyms

“I’ve had to buy new jeans after losing 3 inches off my waist!”
Vernon Hills Personal Trainer

“Lake County Boot Camp helped me train for my marathon.”
Personal Trainer Vernon Hills

“I have so much energy, it’s unbelievable!”
Vernon Hills Personal Training

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LCBC Success Story Tricia

I began my journey with Lake County Boot Camps approximately six months ago and feel that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before joining I wasn’t dangerously overweight, just that typical middle-age frump who had given up on the notion of ever feeling truly healthy, strong, happy or sexy again. I lacked any true motivation, energy or the desire to feel attractive. I had lost who I used to be. I was depressed.

Over the past twenty years I have had some mild success, and some total failures, with other fitness routines. I’ve done other boot camps, in other cities and even other countries! They usually got boring, with repeat workouts lacking real imagination or I would plateau and just stay there. I’ve joined a gym and almost died of loneliness and boredom at the same time! I’ve tried a personal trainer too, but found that I was being trained like a “40-year old”, keeping my weights low and my workouts somewhat easy with very little pushing to motivate me to reach farther, dig deeper.

Lifting pink weights? Yeah, that just doesn’t get the results I’m looking for.

My main motivation for trying LCBC was an annual check-up. My weight was creeping up along with my cholesterol and blood pressure. The phrase “maybe we should possibly try cholesterol medication” was a wake-up call. I refused to go down without a fight and the thought of being on medication for the next 30-40 years of my life was beyond scary! I saw the Living Social deal and signed up that week.

My first week was more than tough – I could not make it through ONE burpee, I could barely do 10 push-ups and forget about pull-ups. But, with the help and encouragement of Dustin and Taylor I kept coming back, determined to prove to myself that the fighter in me was still alive and kicking. I have hit plateaus, but have received some of the best advice and support from these trainers to break through and continue to be successful. And I am always impressed with the follow-up and the contact that they keep with their students. So much great information!

Not to mention the group that shows up for classes at 5:30am, which is incredible to me to see 20-30 people of various ages show up at that hour of the day to workout on a regular basis, and for as long as I have been going. Not only do we support each other, but we manage to raise the bar and challenge each other when we need it, and that makes the world of difference. It’s bonding. And if you miss a workout, someone notices – which I have found is something that I really respond to and makes those early mornings easier to do.

In the six months that I have been training at LCBC I have lost 20 pounds, 5 inches off of my waist and 3 inches off of both my chest and hips. I have started hearing (and reading on Facebook) lovely compliments that include the words “incredible” “stunning” “amazing” and my husband is blown away by my shape and my confidence. I’ve started running 5Ks with my teenage son and my other kids are tuned into fitness also to keep up with me.

My mind is clear, my attitude positive and my motivation is pumped. Thank you LCBC, you rock!

- Tricia A.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Kim

I became a member of Lake County Boot Camps six months ago. I wanted to get into shape for summer and improve my overall health and fitness. I had previously tried working out at home to DVDs and at a gym with a personal trainer with little to no results… and the personal trainer I was working with was way too expensive to continue on a regular basis. At Lake County Boot Camps I feel like I have my own personal trainer without having to pay a ton of cash for it. The trainers are great! They create a new workout every day so classes are never boring. They also make sure I am using the correct form for every exercise. Their motivation and the energy from the other boot campers really help me push myself when I feel that I can’t possibly do one more sit-up!

I would definitely encourage everyone to try Lake County Boot Camps. You will get results…guaranteed! It’s never boring and you work out your entire body every time. Your body will start bending and stretching in ways you never thought possible! There are no excuses… the trainers will modify ANY OR ALL exercises so if you have knee problems, hip problems, whatever-problems you can still get fit! When I first started I couldn’t do two push-ups! Now I can do 20 at a time, MULTIPLE times in session! I feel stronger and am motivated to work out and have seen awesome results… I have lost over 20 pounds, more than 4% body fat, and over 10 inches all around!

- Kim S.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story Mary

I started at Lake County Boot Camps because of a Groupon. I come from a family that has never emphasized fitness and health. I had already made other healthy lifestyle changes and my resolution was to work on my fitness. I knew going to Gold’s would not motivate me – I would just pay and not go. What I love about LCBC is that they make sure it’s noticed if you’re not there. I loved getting the texts, the Emails, and constant support. We are weighed in monthly, they help you with what to eat… You cannot get this kind of service without having a personal trainer… and I could never afford a personal trainer. I tell everyone I know about LCBC because it has changed my life for the better. I am about to start my second year… And I can’t imagine ever quitting! In one year, I went from 177 to 152 lbs, for a total of 25 lbs lost. My ultimate goal is 150… I know LCBC will help me achieve this goal, too! Here’s to 2013! The first year ever where I don’t have to have a resolution to drop a mad amount of weight!!!

- Mary S.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story Nikki

I’ve always been heavier. It’s always effected my self confidence. In December of 2011, I hit one of my lowest points. I could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror. In my mind, I knew it was something I COULD change, but my body was just something I had neglected for so long. So I found Lake County Bootcamps through my park district, and signed up. It was a one month trial, and I didn’t expect to stay any longer. Maybe just pick up a few tips and join a gym from there. But what I found at Lake County Boot Camps was so unique. I stay with the program after that one month because I could was seeing the number on a scale drop, I could feel myself getting so much stronger, and the community built there is really more of a family. The trainers are phenomenal, and always push you to do your best, and you always have a giant support system telling you that you can do it.
I stayed with Lake County Bootcamps for about 7 and a half months, until I had to leave for college. I lost 45 lbs, gained so much more confidence, and picked up many healthy habits. Now I am down 60 lbs and I contribute all of my success to the Dustin and Taylor. I recommend it whole-heartedly. The trainers value their clients results and happiness, and take the time to get to know you, and are always there for extra support and encouragement. There’s not another program out there like this one.

- Nikki B.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story Kristen

I started Boot Camp in March of 2012; a week following my 30th birthday. In the six months prior to starting Boot Camp I lost a considerable amount of weight put on from stress, a poor diet and lack of exercise. Once I hit a plateau in my weight loss, I decided to join a friend of mine who was attending Lake County Boot Camps and seeing positive results. Immediately, I too, began seeing results through the loss of weight and inches as well as increased muscle tone and endurance.

In September of 2012 I participated in the 7.7 mile Gladiator Assault Challenge with three other Boot Campers. I had never participated in anything remotely similar to this Challenge. Boot Camp afforded me the strength and endurance to complete the race whereas my fellow Boot Campers gave me the support and motivation to conquer some pretty intense fears. This motivation is what I enjoy most about Boot Camp. The members are supportive and encouraging. I genuinely look forward to seeing my fellow boot campers every day and have developed close friendships with several of them.

- Kristen S.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Vivian

Training at Lake County Boot Camps has been a life transforming experience. The most satisfying part of my training has been the constant support and encouragement received from Dustin. The results haven’t been too bad either. So far I’ve lost 52.4 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 4! In addition to the weight loss and overall physical improvement, the most significant benefit has been the gain in self-confidence. I now know I can accomplish any goal I set for myself and can overcome any obstacle that stands before me.Thanks Dustin!

- Vivian L.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Alan

In September 2006 I was diagnosed with Diabetes and my doctor told me I needed to lose weight. I started eating better and working out but after a few months of seeing little to no results, I realized that I needed help. That’s how I met Dustin. He was a wealth of information about the body and fitness and he made me realize that getting fit was not just a couple of sessions with a trainer. Dustin is a reliable teacher and is a good friend to me. He encourages and challenges me to eat and workout properly on a daily basis. This has influenced my life in mental wellness as well as fitness. Dustin has helped me understand how fitness is a part of life. I am the type of person that needs accountability for fitness, and Dustin and his trainers in Grayslake truly do care about me, and that’s what keeps me coming back. I feel so energized after working out and I can’t wait to see more results.Thanks Dustin!

- Alan S.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Ashley

I love Lake County Boot Camps. Training with Dustin was the most positive, educational, and motivational experience I’ve had in some time. After only 4 weeks I lost 12.7lbs and 8.1 inches off my stomach, butt, and legs. Training there also helped me re-discover my confidence and now my self-esteem is higher than it’s ever been. And, I can’t say enough about the atmosphere at Lake County Boot Camps. The experience is truly incredible and second to none. Dustin is very positive and reassuring and the workouts are always fun and challenging. And I’m the only girl I know with a six-pack!Thanks D!!!

- Ashley B.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Ed

Working out with Dustin at Lake County Boot Camps has helped me re-capture my body and my youth. Since beginning my training I’m feeling more energetic and the results have been great. To tell you the truth my whole mindset has changed since starting boot camp and I now know that I can attain any of the goals that I set for myself. For starters, I set out to lose 20lbs and easily eclipsed in 7 weeks by shedding 25.3 pounds! In addition, I’ve learned proper exercise technique and I look and feel better than I ever did at any point in my life.

- Ed P.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Corina

I began training with Dustin at Lake County Boot Camps to help me prepare for the Miss Illinois competition. It had been months since I had last worked out and I was scared. I had spent the previous 6 months battling leukemia and was still struggling with fatigue and injury prone muscles. Thanks to Dustin’s guidance my body feels strong, my energy levels have never been better, and my mindset is positive. In less than a month I will be competing in the Miss Illinois America pageant and I can’t wait to show off my new swimsuit body to those judges. So far I have lost several inches in my waist and even more throughout my whole body. Lake County Boot Camps has helped me do so much more than tone my body and shed some pounds. I now have a sense of confidence that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

- Corina H.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Mark Anthony

I have been working out with Dustin at Lake County Boot Camps for the last 6 months. In the first 9 weeks I dropped 11.6lbs and 7% body fat. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for Dustin as he helped me get my health back. I’m not one who likes to be told what to do, but after buying into his training philosophy I’ve made a drastic transformation in a relatively short time. His workout and nutritional plans were so precise to meeting my goals that deviating from it feels like a sin. Although I have experience in sports and working out, the way Dustin explains the why’s and the how’s makes me a loyal client. All you have to do is believe in his training because he believes in you.

- Mark Anthony T.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC success story - Leilani

I have been working out with Dustin at Lake County Boot Camps for the past 4 months. My experience with him has been very rewarding. Since I began training with him I dropped 11.2% body fat by going from 32.3 to 21.1%. People are always complimenting me on my body, especially my butt. Dustin is also extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. He developed a workout program tailored to my goals.

The workouts have been very challenging, creative, and diverse – which keeps me motivated. He always has new exercises and never allows our time together to become repetitive, monotonous or boring. I have already noticed great results and will continue to work with him in the future. He takes the time to explain the exercises as well as guide me through them,
especially when it seems too tough to finish. Having someone work alongside of you certainly makes your goals seem much more realistic and I truly feel with Dustin’s expertise in training, nutrition, and guidance that I will reach my goals. I want to give you special thanks for putting up with my whining and keeping me on track. THANKS!

- Leilani T.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Success Story JoAnn

I started coming to LCBC August of 2011 after my breast cancer treatment. I wanted to get stronger and be fitter. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started, but I immediately loved it! I love being pushed beyond my comfort zone and Dustin motivates me to do that even today! I weighed 147 when I started. I now weigh 129 I have lost 3 ½ inches from my chest, 3 inches from my waist, 4 inches from my hips. My clothes fit great and I feel sexy! People are constantly telling me how toned I look. I ran a half marathon in 2011 and a full marathon in 2012 and I promise that LCBC workouts are what gave me the endurance to finish. I love all of the trainers at LCBC, Taylor will rock my world every time I’m in her class. Kris has great personality/energy and makes you want to move!

My overall experience at LCBC is fantastic! I’ve had many friends join after seeing my results. I will be a lifelong member of LCBC and love the workouts that Dustin and Taylor create! Together they are a fierce team!

- JoAnn H.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident


LCBC Rockstar Mary Kate!

Where to even begin! LCBC has truly changed my life for the better. I started my fitness program and healthy eating in February of 2012. I was at the heaviest I have ever been in my life (213 lbs.) and decided I needed a change. My friend worked for a company called NuSkin and I started on their protein shakes. They replaced 2 meals a day for 2 weeks. After I finished that I joined LA fitness. It took a while to see results. The weight was coming off, but not at the pace I wanted. I can understand for this reason why some people get discouraged with their weight loss. It takes time. While a member at LA fitness they give you a free session with a personal trainer. The session included you warming up on your OWN, working with the trainer for 20-25 minutes, then you doing your OWN cardio at the end. Are you kidding me?! SO they want you to pay over $600 for 4 months to have a “trainer” work with you 3 times a week for 20-25 minutes? No thank you! What a waste of money! I decided to continue on my own working out, doing body works and spin classes and continuing with my own fitness program. About 10 months had passed and I was down about 28-30 lbs. which was great. However I wanted more. I wanted to lose more weight, more inches, and gain muscle which I was not able to do on my own at LA fitness.

My sister had started a weight loss program she found called Lake County Boot Camp. I remember going with her one time on Thanksgiving for a total body work out and man was I sore for at least 3-4 days after! It felt amazing! She had been telling me about LCBC for quite some time and told me I should come join. I was hesitant about it since I already belonged to a gym and why spend more money. But then she told me that she had a free month for me to start. Now how can someone turn that down! SO I started in February of 2013. It wasn’t bad adjusting to the workout style. Every member at LCBC is so welcoming and without hesitation helps you out during the workout. The trainers are absolutely amazing. Dustin and the other trainers make sure to show you every exercise before we even start and if you need help during they help you. They also show you the correct form on how to do all the exercises so you do not injure yourself. Also what I like is that after being a member for going on 4 months now, I have not had the same workout ever! It is such an awesome variety of different workouts that you never get bored. I like how the training schedule is different every week and includes different exercises. I also like how I am challenging myself every time I walk into LCBC. The workouts never get easy but I am up for the challenge.

Changing your health and your life is not meant to be easy. You have to work for what you want. The workouts are 60 minutes long with a warm-up at the beginning and stretching at the end. It is like you have your own personal trainer for those 60 minutes every time you come to LCBC. SO comparing LCBC to LA fitness trainers, well there is no comparison. LCBC is by far the best thing out there. It is so much more than just a fitness program. With those 60 minutes a day at LCBC, as a member you also get a meal program that includes everything you need to know about healthy living. Dustin also sends out weekly emails of recipes and different health facts. Very interesting things I get to learn about. The benefits are endless with LCBC and it adapts to every person, male or female, skinny or overweight. In just 4 months I have lost 15 lbs and 6.5 inches off of my waist. Yes I said it, in only 4 months! I have also gained strength all over my body and I am amazed in what I can do now compared to when I started. The workouts are addictive and you WANT to be there. My sister started LCBC just over a year ago and has lost 125 lbs. Results like this are NOT typical. I would recommend, and have recommended, LCBC to people because it works. If you need a fitness program with friendly members and trainers who actually care about you and care about you reaching your goals then LCBC is for you. It has changed my life and I do not regret any of it. I look forward to my work outs there every day and am incredibly thankful for all the help with my fitness, my health and all the trainers for caring about ME and helping ME every step of the way! THANK YOU LCBC!!!!

- Mary Kate B.
Lake County Boot Camp Client
Lake County Resident

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